Solenzara SALON’s CEO, Isabel Christoph-Von Oertzen, shares vision for Romanian Wood Industry with Revista din Lemn

In an exclusive interview with Revista din Lemn, Isabel Christoph-Von Oertzen, the owner and CEO of Solenzara SALON, discussed the company’s journey into the Romanian market and their ambitious plans for the future.

Isabel Christoph von Oertzen:Hi, welcome to imm cologne. We are now existing since one year, and we are very, very happy to be here in imm cologne and to present our wonderful fabrics and furniture that we produce in the wonderful country of Romania“, introduced Mrs. Oertzen.

Solenzara SALON made its entry into the Romanian market through the acquisition of Quadra. Isabel Christoph von Oertzen shared her initial encounter with the Romanian furniture industry, saying: “About nine years ago, I was looking for a furniture supplier because customers were asking me, because I work with end consumers in Germany. <You make lovely curtains. Can I get some furniture from you?> I said, sorry, I’m not in the furniture branch, but I will have a look.”

“And after a very nice advice of a friend, who advised me to go to the former company Quadra in Romania, I got to know these wonderful people, mainly to Cristina from the export. And so we started the collaboration, and I bought furniture from there, and I was absolutely convinced that this is high-end quality. It was really lovely.”

Fast forward to 2022, with Quadra closing down, Isabel Christoph von Oertzen and her investment partner took a bold step to acquire the business. She expressed her vision for Solenzara SALON: “We want to produce ourselves. We do not want to depend on the Far East. And so that’s why, luckily, I had the possibility with my investment partner together to buy this company and to establish Solenzara in Romania, as I had the brand already in Germany.”

Mrs. Oertzen highlighted the importance of not being dependent on foreign markets, stating, “I think we in Europe should not be dependent on Asia. And Romania is one of the richest countries in whole Europe. Woodworking is in your (ed. note. Romanians) blood. Everybody knows about. And so furniture made in Europe. This is what Solenzara SALON in Romania stands for, furniture made in Europe.”

Despite the challenges faced in the first year, including the ongoing crisis, Mrs. Oertzen remains optimistic about the future: “We are looking into the future and we’re not looking back. We’re looking in front, and we know that things will change, and we produce wonderful products with a high-end quality with really very, very skilled and talented people.”

Solenzara SALON takes pride in its Romanian products and aims to showcase their high-quality offerings to Europe and the world. Isabel Christoph-Von Oertzen’s passion for the Romanian wood industry and commitment to delivering excellence make Solenzara SALON a promising addition to the market.

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