KARE Design living trends 2024: Dopamine kick for the living room

Whether boldly developed, young furniture classics or brave accents for the modern style of living, the interior designers at KARE ignite the desire for living and decorating with their trade fair innovations. For over 40 years, KARE’s mission has been to create favourite pieces of furniture. Thanks to high-quality materials, they have what it takes to give many years of pleasure. The KARE brand’s design is characterised by stylistic capers that turn furniture and accessories into eye-catchers. A unique variety and the lively mix of styles make the KARE brand successful worldwide. Today, 120 franchise partners spread the message of “Joy of Living” in 50 countries.

The new products for 2024 are centred around two major living trends: Funky Modern and Fresh Classics. Funky Modern breaks down the sober rules of modern living style and Fresh Classics celebrates the facelift of iconic furniture designs. Micro-trends under the two major headings are wild Dopamine Decor, Comfy Curves and Bold Patterns. The new products from KARE prove that the joy of creative design is now also being transferred to functional furniture.

Modern Sofa Salamanca -  Kare Design
Modern Sofa Salamanca Copyright © | KARE Design GmbH

Trend Funky Modern

This major living trend is breaking down the boundaries of the typical modern living style. Modern living focuses on clear lines, minimalist design, function and neutral colours. The Funky Modern trend succeeds in giving every room more life, it says goodbye to confusing living concepts without displacing the tried and tested. So why not add colourful retro chairs to a simple, round dining table or wrap a cosy cocktail chair in a colourful jungle outfit!

Funky Modern brings together retro style elements and contemporary chic. Bold colours, playful patterns and innovative decorating ideas meet simple, modern furnishing basics and rooms start to vibrate. Funky Modern fulfils consumers’ insatiable desire for individual rooms. The trend is easy to combine with tried-and-tested modern, functional furniture, so that the household budget doesn’t stand in the way of a breath of fresh air in your own four walls. Funky Modern comes in several flavours: Dopamine Chic, Distinctive Luxury and the Arches and Soft Lines design trend.

· Dopamine Chic

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter of happiness! The dopamine decor living trend awakens all the senses and floods the hallway, living room and bedroom with positive energy. This micro trend is all about eye-catching home accessories and furniture: side tables with a colourful glass top in the shape of a flower, a neo-baroque mirror with neon splashes of colour, a lamp with a face-art base. Coloured glass objects play a central role in giving modern rooms more energy. Colourful glass candle holders or playful vases with a manufactured look turn the cubic, classic sideboard into a bright eye-catcher in the living room.

· Distinctive Luxury

How do you make a modern living room unique? With luxurious, sophisticated design details! As the modern living style generally favours high-quality materials in a timeless design, such as leather, marble, stainless steel and glass, it can also accommodate sophisticated details. A sofa is lavishly draped in leather, the mirror is set in a marble cube and the lampshade of the floor lamp is inhabited by numerous small soft toys. Voilà, Distinctive Luxury creates a creative, stimulating ambience.

· Arches and Soft Lines

This micro trend draws its inspiration from stylistic elements of architecture. Soft lines, arches and column shapes create a flowing, extremely harmonious atmosphere in the room. The building blocks for this look without corners and edges are curved, pure sofas, round side tables with drop-shaped bases and dynamically designed shelves. In conjunction with the clean-lined design of modern furniture, the Arches and Softline micro trend breaks up overly straight, geometric design and creates graceful eye-catchers.

KARE Design Modern Copyright © | KARE Design

Trend Fresh Classics

This mega living trend breathes new life into iconic furniture design from the 20th and 21st centuries. Fresh Classics is a tribute to timeless design, reinterpreted with a warm colour palette of brown and beige, with deep, sophisticated dark blue and subtle metallic tones. Characterised by living room landscapes consisting of sofas with chaise longues in combination with deep, large ottomans and armchair solitaires. Curved and tubular backrests, soft edges and semi-circular sofas bring classics from the 60s and 70s into 2024. Living room lamps are lighting objects that primarily play with the classic spherical shape and the motto for their design is: Big is Beautiful. Metallic tones, be it matt brass and graphite or shiny silver chrome, set the tone in the Fresh Classics trend world. In this style world, the classic living room sideboard is given mystically shimmering steel fronts and a top made of cream-coloured marble.

· Comfy Curves

Now it’s going round! Hardly any other design feature has become more prevalent in all areas of the home in the last two years than organic design. Comfy Curves focuses on soft curves in the urban living room. The sleek shapes provide a counterpoint to dynamic city life and fast-paced everyday life and exude pure harmony. Organic design and round shapes are the answer to turbulent times in interior design. This trend is here to stay, which is why it is worth investing in high-quality seating landscapes and high-quality furniture.

· Exquisite Statements

Statement furniture goes beyond mere functionality and is not just seating or tables. They attract attention, are focal points for the eye and tell the story of a room as a source of ideas. The appeal of statement furniture lies in its ability to transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s not just about what the piece of furniture offers functionally, but about the emotions it evokes. A vintage-style lounge chair with a stool in fine, cream-coloured leather opens up a conversation about good books, while guests discuss special culinary delights at the dining table with its angular, sculptural frame.

· Bold Patterns

The new living trends 2024 want to encourage experimentation with fun-loving living ideas, be it with young furniture classics or with an eccentric, modern living style. An important style element here is the use of patterns. It can be a little bolder than just scattering patterned cushions. Patterns successfully conquer furniture fronts and create visual dynamism. Silencio, a sideboard and desk with intricate marquetry work that creates fascinating optical illusions, is representative of this micro-trend.

Modern Sofa Napa
Modern Sofa Napa Copyright © | KARE Design

About KARE Design GmbH

Privately owned Kare Design GmbH is an internationally operating trading company for furniture, lighting and home accessories. Under the slogan “Fun at home”, the company designs and markets its own range of unconventional home design in a wide variety of styles. Under the umbrella of the KARE brand, the company sells through its own retail outlets, as a wholesaler and as part of its franchise system. It also operates e-commerce and a subsidiary for the contract business. Today, the company has over 100 franchise partners in fifty countries. Jürgen Reiter and Peter Schönhofen founded their company in 1981 and still run it today as owners and CEOs.

Sofa Kelly
Sofa Kelly Copyright © | KARE Design

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